Thank You

  • Your help is of great importance to us.
  • Thank you for having a big heart for these people and for your help.
  • Through your help, we can feed many families.
  • We can provide clothes and shoes for many children.
  • We can buy medicine for the elderly.
  • We can also help in the further educational development of young children.

Thank you so much!

Beneficiary bank: Addiko bank a.d. Beograd

Name of the beneficiary: Humanitarno udruzenje – PUT, ISTINA i ZIVOT
Address of the beneficiary: Beograd, Mirijevski venac 22/3, Republic of Serbia

For donations in Euro

IBAN code: RS35165000701149679706
Swift/BIC code: HAABRSBG

For donations in US dolars

IBANcode: RS35165000701149683586
Swift/BIC code: HAABRSBG

For donation from Serbia/ in Serbian dinars

Bank Account: 165-0007011388568-34

We are also always available to you by email:

If you want to contact us via an email here is our contact us page


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