We are the humanitarian association
The Way of Truth and Life

  • We were founded in 2012.
  • Our organization has the honor of receiving ANBI status under serial number RSIN 8272.19.015.
  • Our passion and daily desires are assistance to the vulnerable
  • Education and assistance to young people.
  • Training the socially vulnerable for new beginnings and steps towards a better future.
  • Our slogan is:
  • so we try to help the hungry
  • so we try to help in various disasters
  • we care for young people and their education
  • we care for the old and the sick
  • we take care of mothers with children
  • we encourage people and invest in them.
  • We do all this because we love everyone and do not look at ethnic and religious diversity.
  • We believe in the beauty of diversity and the power of unity.

Humanitarian association
The Way Truth Life
has moved to a new address which is:

Humanitarian association
The Way Truth Life
Stevana Srremca Street 29
Postal code 21230
Phones +381611683133
Email: humanitarnoudruzenjegradjana@gmail.com

PIB 107672961
MB 28088892

We look forward to new experiences and meetings with you