Care for old and sick people

We take care of old and sick people left to fend for themselves.

Thank you for joining our campaign to help the elderly and sick. Your support is very important for this target group and helps them have a better and easier life.

When you join our campaign, you not only help elderly and sick people get the help and support they need, but you also help create a more comprehensive and supportive system for them. Your contributions give hope and encouragement to elderly and sick people, and help them feel less alone and abandoned.

Your support also helps our organization that cares for the elderly and sick to be strengthened and able to continue its important work. Together, we can work to create a world where older and sick people are respected and have access to appropriate help and support.

Thank you for joining our campaign.

Our love and care for old people in 2023

Old age can only be beautiful if you are not lonely and sick without any help. Unfortunately, our users do not have families to care for them. We, as a humanitarian organization Path,

Truth and Life, want to provide them with family warmth. The Austrian organization Iniciativ Angola supported us in this project of love. And thereby gladdened the hearts of our old and sick, and thereby eased the sadness and burden they carry in their hearts❤️.