Christmas action for poor Roma children

Every year during the Christmas and New Year holidays, we make hundreds of cute Christmas packages
Roma children, unfortunately, do not have such an opportunity to receive a Christmas package, and that is why we are here

That’s why we invite you to join us to create Christmas magic together.

Thank you!

Gift of love for Christmas and Easter in 2023

When Christmas and Easter come, it is a time of giving sweets and joy for children.

Unfortunately, Roma children often do not experience even a moment of joy during those big holidays, because their parents get their food from the landfill. Faced with this sad reality, we started the project “Christmas and Easter package for your smile”.

The Austrian organization “Iniciativ Angola” selflessly supported us in that mission and helped us to distribute 127 packages for Christmas and the same number for Easter this year.

The magic of love is unimaginable during the distribution of sweets and packets to Roma children.

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