Construction and renovation of houses for socially disadvantaged families

Humanitarian aid to vulnerable families who do not have the basic conditions for life, we renovate their houses and give them new hope and change their lives for the better in the long term

Thank you for advocating for the humanitarian action of building homes for socially vulnerable families. Your support and enthusiasm is of great importance to this target group and helps to ensure that they have a safe and dignified place to live.

Building homes for socially vulnerable families represents a long-term solution to their problems and helps to create the foundations for a better future. These homes not only provide a safe and dignified place to live, but also provide access to basic services and provide an opportunity for social inclusion and integration.

However, building homes for socially vulnerable families cannot be achieved without your support and participation. Thank you for joining our campaign and being ready to make a big difference in the lives of these families. Your support will give them new hope and encouragement, and help them feel less threatened and abandoned. Thank you for being part of this important effort.

All constraction actions in 2023

Poverty and additional discrimination can significantly affect basic living conditions. Sometimes our users are homeless, and many Roma families with small children do not have their own bathroom.

Thanks to the Austrian organization Iniciativ Angola, we managed to renovate a house that had been burned down, where three small children and a single mother lived, as well as a bathroom for a family with six children who dreamed of one day bathing in the bathroom. Thank you to our big and noble hearted donors ❤️

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