Ružica Marijanov 13 years old from Žabalj

Dear friends, I share with you the life story of a little girl, Ružica Marijanov, 13 years old from Žabalj. A seventh-grader, her story is about the loss of her father Lazar, and his unfulfilled wishes.

Lazar wanted to build a bathroom and a room for his daughter Ružica, but unfortunately, due to the illness that constantly followed him, he did not manage to fulfill his wish. As a father, he probably dreamed of his daughter growing up in a comfortable and beautiful home, surrounded by love and warmth. However, his illness was stronger than the will to give his family a better life. He died three weeks ago…

The father’s unfulfilled desire now remains as a sad reminder of all that could have been but is not.
However, there is something that can be done to at least partially compensate for the loss that Rose suffered.
It is to realize together the dream of Father Lazarus who left this world too soon.
We plan to renovate the house: repair the roof and build a bathroom and room for a little Ruzica.
We also want to replace old furniture with new ones.
We need you, and that is why we invite you to make this child happy together and change the course of her life.
Dear and humane people with a big heart, please join the action so that together we can help little Ružica and her mother to realize their father’s and their wishes and to finally have a warm and safe home.

God bless you so much!