Dear friends, we have a new humanitarian action “SAVE LIFE” ahead of us.

The cause of the action is the difficult life circumstances of the Dzambas family from Đurđevo, who have been living their whole lives in hardship and without a bathroom with two sick children, Nemanja, 7, and Luka, 6 years old.

Single father Nenad, even though he tries hard and works, he does not manage to make ends meet because a lot of money is spent on medicines, food, clothes for children, and firewood… They need our help and support!

For the Jambas family to get their own bathroom for the FIRST TIME in their life, and the little ones their own room, join us in another humanitarian action.

Let’s make these little ones happy together?.. Anyone who can support this action in any form is of immense importance.

Those who wish to help can do so:

  • by payment to the account of the association,
  • Personally,
  • or contact us at numbers:

+38162 1720273