Humanitarian aid

“Helping others is not only our obligation, but also our opportunity to improve the world around us.”
“Giving is the best way to fill what is missing in our lives.”
“Humanity is not just a word, but a deed. Helping others is a way to show our humanity.”
“There is no greater joy than what we get when we give help to those in need.”
“Giving is a contagion that spreads and connects people. Once we start giving, we can’t stop.”

Our help for Roma children for school in 2023

Children are the future and the most valuable thing is to invest in their education. When living conditions do not allow it, imagine what a handicap it is for Roma children.

We, as a humanitarian organization Put, Istina i Život, noticed this problem and decided to help the education of Roma children from Bangladesh.

We would not have succeeded in that project without the help of the Austrian organization Iniciativ Angola, and we are happy that we were able to do it in 2023 as well.

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