The house for the Bosiljkanović family was bought!!!
After almost a decade since the Bosiljkanović family lost their two daughters and their entire home in a fire, today the house was bought for them.
There is no end to their happiness and they are still in disbelief that the children will no longer walk to school for an hour and a half and that they will have electricity and water for the first time like their friends from school.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to it. Remember that together we saved 8 lives, 6 children and two adults.
Dear friends, our next challenge is to renovate their house, because no one has lived in the house for 12 years.
We aim to make them:
  • let’s fix the roof
  • install new floors
  • let’s install new joinery
  • new electrical installation
  • let’s do the bathroom
  • arrange the walls
  • furnish the house (furniture for children’s rooms, kitchen, white goods)


They won’t be able to do it without our help, so we invite you to work together to create a spell of love and kindness for these wonderful children and their parents.

So let’s move them in as soon as possible✨?.